We have a full range of equipment that enables us to be an all-encompassing manufacturing services company for our customers. Each piece is carefully maintained and operated by our expert machinists. Together, these elements are skillfully combined with a sophisticated computerized shop floor control system that is networked across all workstations and allows us to provide customers with specialized, high-quality products.

We can also provide stocking programs, kanban programs, and consignment programs.





CNC Machining

Did you know that Jennison Corporation's CNC department operates 18 machining centers, 24 hours a day? We have the equipment and knowledgeable operators to respond to shifting markets in coal, oil, gas, and other markets. We have a wide variety of high precision horizontal & vertical machining centers, live tooling lathes, and turning capabilities up to 32.7 inch diameter.

Horizontal Turning Centers

(1) Mori Seiki SL-25 Turning Center, chucker machine, 17" turning capacity

(2) Daewoo Puma P400 Turning Center, 28" turning capacity, 40 H.P. gear driven

(1) Daewoo Puma 350 Turning Center, 22" turning capacity, 40 H.P. gear driven

(1) Daewoo Puma 230P Live Tooling Lathe, mill/drill/turning center with sub-spindle, max. turn dia. 11.4" dia., space saver

feed bar

(2) Romi M20 Turning Center, up to 20" swing, 60" between centers

(1) Hardinge T51 Conquest Turning Center, sub-spindle, hydro bar feed to 2 1/2" dia., turning capacity to 17" dia.

(1) Hardinge T42 Conquest Turning Center, sub-spindle, hydro bar feed to 1 5/8" dia., turning capacity to 8" dia.

(1) Doosan Puma 2500LSY Turning Center with milling and "Y" axis, 30 H.P. main spindle, 10 H.P. sub-spindle, 7.5 H.P. on

rotating tools, full 360 rotation on Main & sub spindles, 3" bar capacity, 13" max turning diameter

Vertical Turning Centers

(1) Doosan Puma V8300 Turning Center, 32.7” turning capacity, 50 H.P. gear driven


Vertical Machining Centers

(2) Mori Seiki MV-40M Vertical Machining Center, 22" x 16.1" x 18.1" machining envelope

(1) Mori Seiki MV-65 Vertical Machining Center, pallet system, 60" x 25" x 25" machining envelope

(1) Doosan MV-4020 Vertical Machining Center, pallet system, 50 taper, 25 H.P, 8,000 RPM, 40.2"x 20.1" x 24.5" machining


(1) Doosan MV 6030/50 Vertical Machining Center, pallet system, 50 taper, 30 H.P, 8,000 RPM, 60" x 20" x 24" machining


(1) Doosan Mynx 6500/50 Vertical Machining Center, pallet system, 50 taper, 30 H.P, 8,000 RPM, 50" x 26" x 24" machining


(1) Haas VF5SS Vertical Machining Center, 30 H.P, 12,000 RPM, indexer, 50” x 26” x 25” machining envelope (8) Sharp Model QMV-1, CNC/conventional, ACCU-RITE controls, 30" x 15.2" x 4” machining envelope

Horizontal Machining Centers

(1) Daewoo Horizontal Machining Center, 400mm pallets, 10,000 RPM spindle, 20" x 21" x 21" machining envelope, 1 deg indexing, 30 H.P.

(1) Mori Seiki NH5000 Horizontal Machining Center, 14,000 RPM spindle, 20" pallets, 1 deg. indexing on rotary pallets, 25 H.P., 24.8" x 23.6" x 26.4" machining envelope

Conventional EDM

(1) EZ Spark P50 with 50amp solid state power supply


(1) Raycus 1500W fiber laser, maximum sheet size 120” x 60”



Wire EDM

Did you know that Jennison Corporation offers contract Wire EDM services? With five Wire EDM machines, including capacity up to 24" thick, and the latest generation of high-speed cutting technology, we can handle oversized parts, high volume jobs, and rapid turnaround to meet your toughest requirements. A great solution for jobs where there is no substitution for precision.

(1) Sodick Model AQ750LH, 29.5" x 19.7" table travel, max thickness 24", 3330 lb max, tapering to 45 deg

(1) Fanuc Robocut C600iA, 23.6” x 15.7” table travel, max thickness 16”, 3550 lb max, tapering to 45 deg

(1) Fanuc Robocut 1IC, 21.7" x 14.6" table travel, max thickness 12", 3550 lb max, tapering to 45 deg, MicroFinish power


(1) Fanuc Robocut 0IC, 12.6" x 8.7" table travel, max thickness 10", 1100 lb max, tapering to 45 deg (1) Fanuc Model O, 7.8" x 9.8" table travel, max thickness 6.15", 220 lb max, tapering to 20 deg



Stamping Presses

(1) Komatsu, 220 ton, 9.8" stroke, 35" x 57" bed

(1) McKay/Warco, 200 ton, 6" stroke, 42" x 72" bed

(1) Aida, 176 ton, 7.8" stroke, 30" x 80" bed

(1) Aida, 125 ton, 7.1 stroke, 26" x 74" bed

(1) Platarg, 100 ton, 9 station transfer press, 5" feed

(1) Bliss, 60 ton, 5" stroke, 22" x 34" bed

(1) Minster, 60 ton, 4" stroke, 21" x 32" bed

(2) Clearing, 45 ton, 3" stroke, 18" x 30" bed

(1) Niagara, 45 ton, 2.5" stroke, 24" x 42" bed

(1) Minster, 45 ton, 3" stroke, 14" x 20" bed

(1) Bliss, 45 ton, 4" stroke, 14" x 18" bed

(1) Rouselle, 40 ton, 4" stroke, 16" x 26" bed

(1) Brown & Boggs, 40 ton, 6" stroke, 16" x 28" bed

(1) Neff, 12 ton, hydraulic, 11" x 14.5" bed

(3) Denison, 5 ton, 3" stroke, 11" x 24" bed

*All presses equipped with Wintriss or equivalent controls and digital roll feeds. Extensive de-coiling, straightening and coil handling equipment

Jennison Corporation has a stamping capacity up to 220 tons- and we design, build, and maintain stamping tools & dies. We want to work with you to design tooling and make prototype parts for approval prior to building your tooling. After approval, we will supply the fully proven tooling to you, or we'll store and run it for you. Either way, Jennison will maintain your high-quality tooling for a long life of efficient production.

Fabricating Equipment

Press Brake (1) Amada 80Ton x 101" x 3/16" max at full length, full CNC control of back gage and shut height

Shear (1) Gatti power shear 48" x 1/8" 

Spot Welder ​(1) Taylor Winfield EBA3-8-50 spot welder



Acetylene Yes


Material handling   Extensive equipment including cranes and lift trucks up to 5 ton 

Heat Treating  (1) Cress Model C122012D7920, Double Heat Treat and Annealing Ovens

Parts Washer/Dryer   Stoelting, conveyor, feeds

Thread Rollers. (5) Thread rollers, max 4" diameter


Manual Machines

Jennison Corporation stays competitive on small quantity orders, with a huge selection of manual machines for small batch orders and use in prototyping and building dies, with a selection of grinders, drills, milling, lathes, and much more.


Clausing Colchester with Digital Readouts

Nardini ND 1760E with Digital Readouts

Dong Yang 20"x60 with Digital Readouts

Summit 16" x 60" manual lathe


Milling Machines

10 Bridgeport type milling machines, readouts, automatic feed


Surface Grinders

1 Okomoto Model ACCUGAR-124N, 24" x 12", automatic

1 Okomoto Model 612/14 LINEAR, 14" x 6", automatic

4 Sharp Model SG618-2A, 18" x 6", automatic

1 Covel Model C, 12" x 6"


(1) Sunnen MBB-1600 JIC, maximum diameter


Boring Mill

(1) LUCAS 3" Boring mill 24" x 40" table


Drill Press

1 DoALL Model D-50100R, 12" Column x 36" radial drill press

1 Powermatic Model 1200, 4" column x 12"

Power Saw

2 Amada HA-250, automatic horizontal cut off band saw, 10" capacity with bar feed

1 DoALL Model 26-3, vertical band saw
1 DoALL Model 3613-0, vertical band saw
1 Johnson Model J, horizontal band saw

1 Scotchman Model 350LT, cut off saw


Engineering, Design, & Prototyping

Jennison Corporation is fully equipped with all of the latest technology to provide full engineering capabilities, taking your concept and making it a reality through prototyping, reverse engineering, and design.

Measuring Equipment

CMM (1) Zeiss Contra G2, 40" x 64" x 22" work envelope, Zeiss ROS motorized probe head and BAD based Calypso software

(1) Mitutoyo B504 with QC 5000 software

(1) Starrett HE400

(1) Gage Master Series 20 GM4

(1) J&L Model PC14, 10X, 20X & 50X magnification

(1) Kodak Model 14-24 with digital readout

Profilometer (1) Mitutoyo SJ-201P

Height Gage (1) Fowler Trimos, 0"-24", digital

Force Gage (1) Imada DS2110

Hardness Tester (1) Rockwell Hardness Tester

*Full range of micrometers, gage blocks, gage pins, thread gages, height gages, surface plates and other checking instruments


CAD Solidworks Premium 2019 (primary), AutoCAD (secondary), LogoPress Die Design v2019



on our constantly expanding capabilities...


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